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About WUU

The Wisconsin University Union (WUU) is an independent association of faculty and academic staff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our purpose is to promote the values of our members in the operation of this institution. WUU’s core values reflect a commitment to democracy—an order of free and equal persons who determine the conditions of their own association.

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As applied to UW-Madison:

Analysis of Proposed Employment Rights in HR Design Project

The HR Design Project proposes to radically change the rights accorded to UW employees. Years of precedent developed through labor agreements, civil service laws and personnel policies would be repealed.

Text of WUU's Request for Opinion

UW Closed Meetings in Violation of Law

Since November 2011, UW officials, employees and consultants have held closed meetings for the purpose of developing new personnel policies. The Wisconsin University Union (WUU), an employee education and advocacy organization of academic staff and faculty, filed a petition on March 20th requesting that the Attorney General issue an Opinion as to whether these closed meetings violate the state’s Open Meetings Law.

The WRS: What is it? The attack against it. How to Protect It.

Find attached the powerpoint presentation on WRS.


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